Saturday, May 15, 2010

after a week~~

hi everyone..finally i have some time to update my blog..
its been a week since i start my practical..
its fun but tiring..
but i like everyone there..
eventhough majority were chinese but they were very kind to me..
they always help if there is something i didn't know..
my monday is a little bit boring..
i juz review some file to get familiar with it..
tuesday start to help with printing reports and doing stat audit..
then starting wednesday i dont even have time to feel sleepy..
so many work and need to help everyone with all works that need to submit..
saturday also have to work coz of the due date..
everyday have to work till 7.30..
tiring..but as i said earlier..its fun..and i like it very much..
that's all for now..
will update later..i'lll try to find some time to update my blog..