Wednesday, November 11, 2009

~~LasT paPeR~~:P

Finally, last paper for this sem will be tomorrow..
After this i will enjoy the holiday..hehe..
This is the moment that i've been waiting for...
my room has been emptied since
i finished my third paper..
What to do..i'm so excited to going back home..
even if i always going back..
Not like nadia that can only go back when there is a long period holiday..
I'm really thankfull that i studied here in Bangi..
Not like the last time when i was having my school life in Kelantan..
Well, anyway it's my own decision to go there..
I can't blame someone else..

Actually, there's no time to enjoy the holiday coz i have to start thinking about my internship program..
I should find a suitable company soon so that it will not
be a last minute work..
I'm really afraid to start my working life actually..
As to my attitude..a sleeper..a eater..
hahahahaha..i like the way i describe myself..
sorry if the english is not good..
I have to practising my english as to enter a working life soon..
I hope it's not to heavy for me to carry..
Really hope that it will be going smooth and fun..
Ok..that's it for now..
Will write again later..
C U.. :P